Welcome to the archive of Sandragrafie / Sandra Reitenbach Photography!

Great pictures equal great promotion. 

Is the effort worth investing into a professional photographer?

Clearly YES – because we're living in a time photography gets more and more imortant.

Today there is no media which can get along without the language of pictures. Thereby it doesn't matter if said media is printed or can be found online. Beyond it's even worse to confront potential costumers with a lack of pictures or dilettante ones and a large amount

of text. These kind of advertisements usually get no attention or will be apprehended as uninteresting.

You are looking for artwork for your magazine, book, flyer, professional article, packaging, homapage or advertisement?

Right here you can find a comprehensive profile about horses, riders, pets, animals and much more.

The archive is in constant work and will be extended.


All pictures can be purchased as free (for unlimited usage) as well as licensed (for one time only usage). The royalty will be agreed by

purchase. We can either orientate on your company-based tarif or we arrange an acceptable price for the both of us.


In case of no special agreement for licensed pictures (one time usage only) the professional fee recommended by German tarif commision

MFM will be valid. The price will be calculated by the size of the shown picture, circulation, geographic use, media, position and period of use.



You can easily order by e-mailing me the number of your favourite picture/s (e.g. Haflinger 1, Berber 12 etc.). Please also send me the

purpose of usage for price calculation. You will recieve your picture/s digital by E-Mail or as a download.

No handlig costs will be calculated. When using the picture/s please use the picture notice „Sandra Reitenbach Photography“.



Invoices can be send in written form by E-Mail as a pdf.

Commissioned work

You want professional photos taken of a motive of your choice, your facilities or your attendances? Let me know about

your ideas while a tentative preliminary talk before recieving an individual offer. Contact me.