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Welcome to the image archive of Sandragrafie / Sandra Reitbach Fotografie!

Good photos = good advertising!

Is it worth investing in professional photos? A resounding YES - because we live in a time that is becoming more and more visual.

Today, no medium, whether journalistic or advertising, whether printed or online, can do without the language of the images.

Worse still: Anyone who confronts media users with too much text, too little picture or pictures that are of poor quality,

is simply no longer perceived or sorted out as uninteresting.

Are you looking for images for your magazine, book project, flyer, specialist article, packaging, website or advertising?

Here you will find a comprehensive photographic cross-section through the fascinating world of horses and riders,

Pets, animals and a lot more.

The archive is constantly being expanded!


All photos can be obtained both licensed (one-time use) and free (unlimited use).
The usage fee is agreed before use / purchase. I am happy to use your usual house tariff as a guide

or we can agree on a mutually acceptable price.

If no agreements have been made, the current fee recommendation of the applies to licensed image material (one-time use)

Medium-sized photo marketing community. The prices are calculated with the help of the image size, edition, geographical use,

Medium, positioning, duration of use.


Order simply via email through delivery of the picture number / s (eg Haflinger1, Berber12, etc). Please tell me that too

planned use for price determination with. The images are transmitted digitally by e-mail or as a download.

No deployment costs are charged. When using images, please use the photo reference: "Sandra Reitbach Fotografie".


Invoices are sent in writing by post or by email as a PDF for printing.

Commissioned work

Would you like to have a specific motif or your system or service professionally photographed?

In a non-binding preliminary talk, your ideas will be discussed in detail before you receive an individual offer. Talk to me!

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